Monday, February 25, 2008

The Guest Blogging Experiment

in today's blog we will be discussing the differences and my thoughts on the guest blog from last week. I first noticed the writer mate a few simple grammatical errors that the spell checker should have picked up. i pre write most of my posts on Microsoft word than copy and paste. i also have noticed a lack of enthusiasm considering a Halo topic is my most favorite topic to write. the writer uses the i have played halo before enthusiasm as opposed to my Halo Geek jargon. Also being that i am a huge Halo fan I would have put a video link from the website G4TV from the episode were they talk about the game Halo Wars. I also noticed that the picture was placed in the middle of the blog and i like to place my pictures in the left hand corner of the post. i do feel a little bit out of place that someone from a different background as me can have such a familiar style of writing as me. though if i got more posts from this person trying to be me i would eventually notice more in difference. but over all i say the writer did a good job of capturing my style, he or she just missed a few things.

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